About Us


Motowncon Coming 2023!

Welcome back, we're glad to have you here!

MoTownCon was a dream thought of by a group of friends who wanted to be able to bring something fun and more teen/family oriented to Mooresville. With all the festivals and events that Mooresville hosted, we realized that they were lacking something for the older kids to enjoy – comic conventions. With these events growing and spreading across the country, we realized that kids in Mooresville may not necessarily have the means to travel at least 30 minutes to the closest event. We wanted to bring these types of events to Mooresville, to let the kids, teens, and families enjoy a comic/anime convention in their own backyard.

MoTownCon was started in 2021 originally as a simple cosplay and art contest for a local teen cosplay group. We wanted to give Mooresville teens an opportunity to experience what it was like to compete in a cosplay competition that mimicked the competitions held at comic and anime conventions. It soon grew in size, and we reached out to the community to incorporate a small number of vendors. We partnered with the Mooresville Public Library and were able to use the Charles Mack Citizen Center to host our first event. With the help of the community, we were able to bring in a small itasha car display, 15 vendors, and over 400 attendees.

Seeing how well this event was received by the town and the demand for it to return bigger and better, we are excited to be hosting it again for a second year. This year, however, we are working with Amstar Cinemas in Mooresville to bring in more itashas, more vendors, and all new competitions! We hope you will join us as we continue to grow and bring more pop culture to Mooresville!